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Bobby J has had an illustrious career as a beloved and popular lead singer,
prolific percussionist, and a gifted drummer. He has performed with popular
bands in St. Kitts and Canada.

Born Robert James Hobson, Bobby J as he is popularly known, was born in Aruba
and is the youngest of seven children. As a teenager, while singing and drumming
on cans and bottles, he was discovered by Cromwell Bowry, a respected elder who
featured him on a community show. Since then his contribution to music has spanned
several decades.

He played the bongos and drums in the popular Thunderbirds – Bertie Brothers Band
and was one of the lead singers and drummer of the revered GI’s Brass. These bands,
though formed in St. Kitts, rocked many fans regionally. The GI’s Brass competed against
17 Caribbean bands in the 1973 Brass O’ Rama Competition that was held in St. Thomas,
and won! The band changed its name to the famous Ellie Matt & The GI’s Brass, toured
the Caribbean and released its first album that same year. He also sang in a group known
as Bobby J and the Flamingoes and later formed his own group Bobby J and the Uprisings
which performed at various talent shows and concerts.

In 1974 Bobby relocated to Canada and continued his musical pursuits. He was the
drummer for Bridge, a Canadian rock-and-roll band, lead singer/drummer for Caraballo,
a Caribbean band, was a member of the rock band Tight Squeeze, and lead singer of
Keepsake, a wedding band. From there Bobby formed his own group called Code 7 and
released an album entitled "Just a Little More Time".

In 2012 Bobby and some friends formed the band Kaya and in 2014 an album was released
entitled "Little Bit". They perform annually at the Soca Reggae Festival in Winnipeg. Bobby
is also a member of the band playing drums/percussion for Canadian pop singer Vicki Shae.

Presently Bobby J continues to write and record music, makes bookings for bands and has
released his single, a remake of the late Sugar Minot/Michael Jackson song “Good Thing Going”
recorded with producer/musician Jim Stoeber at Tegancat Music.

St. Kitts Music Festival:
Bobby J, Bruce Skerritt, Eddie Staxx (Glasford), and Marguerite Arthurton,
are represented by Rhythm of the Beat, the management company which
Bobby J founded. The group will perform at the 2018 St. Kitts Music Festival
for enthusiastic fans at home and abroad.