On the Winnipeg reggae music scene since 1985, Inna Riddim serves
Winnipeg music lovers an eclectic concoction of reggae mixed up with
rock, folk, and R&B. The band's long history of jamming together has
spawned a musical style that feels natural and laidback, infused with
lots of improvisation and a playful, energetic sound.

Inna Riddim has evolved considerably since its first gig at an anti-
apartheid rally one summer long ago, and has filled out over the years
with a range of instrumentation including flute, viola and horns. Today,
the four-piece configuration includes original band members Jeff Diamond
(lead vocals, guitar, synth) and Ron Torpey (drums, vocals), veteran Mark
Stutski (bass), and Jim Stoeber (guitar, synth, vocals).

Compiled over two decades, Inna Riddim's musical repertoire is varied,
and includes a cocktail of traditional roots reggae tunes, reggae-fied
rock and pop numbers, and several original songs that start with a reggae
base and throw in some other flavours to cook up their own unique blend.

Inna Riddim has played a multitude of Winnipeg venues and festivals over
the years and toured to some nearby towns including Winnipeg Beach,
Gimli, Brandon, Regina, Saskatoon, Kenora, and Thunder Bay.