Jim Stoeber is the owner of indie label and recording studio
Tegancat Music in Winnipeg. He has spent a good portion of
his life playing in bands of many genres, touring, songwriting
and recording. At one point at the end of a long tour this
Regina native settled in Winnipeg.

As the owner of Tegancat Music, Jim has focused mainly on
producing and co-writing for other artists; however, recently
he has also been songwriting and recording himself.
His songs range from acoustic-tinged pop such as "April"
and "Survive” to the ambient “Just Passin Thru” (F. Vicki Shae)
to the bluesy pop single “Sick Day”, the funky alt-rock "Give It Up"
and much more. No boundaries.

Jim can currently be found performing with Winnipeg bands
the Kim Reimer band and Inna Riddim.


¤ A big thanks to CBC radio and Global TV for the airplay ¤

-- MUSIC --

One of Those Nights
new release 2020
pop country

A happy mid tempo pop country love song
full of head over heals and all that stuff.
Intimate vocals, easy on the ears.

Never Never Land
new release 2020

A reworked version of a mid tempo funk
r&b song written by Jim a while back first
released by female vocal group Tegancat
Remembering a crazy romantic affair.
(additional backup vocals - Tessa Hobson)

Chasin Clouds
new release 2020
slow jam r&b

A melancholy but hopeful slow jam
expressing the yearning to keep a start
-stop relationship going.

What's On Your Mind
new release 2020
electronic pop EDM

Intimate vocals, tasty synth lines,
clever rhythms and personal lyrics
create a positive, upbeat vibe while
expressing a yearning for communication
in a relationship.

Give It Up

A strong rhythm section and hint of
r&b forge this alt-rock offering.
Co-written with Vicki Shae the lyrics
revolve around a futile love attraction
while the rich percussive guitar and
bass work drives it all home.

Good For Me
upbeat pop

With cool rhythms and catchy lyrics,
this upbeat pop song expresses the
happy-go-lucky feeling of falling in
love with just the right person at
the right time.

mellow pop

A simple story of friendship
woven together with finely
crafted musicianship. The layering
of ukulele and guitar gives the song
a dreamlike quality, and the lyrics
engage the listener with a message
of hope and understanding.

Sugar Sweet
blues pop

Have you ever had a friend leak some
juicygossip to you, that is about you?
“Sugar Sweet”, a cool blues tinged pop
offering is a song about friendship, fun
and receiving some perfect news.

Sick Day
blues pop

If you’ve ever been so love sick you
have to take a day off you'll be able
to relate to this song.

indie pop rock

An emotional guitar driven pop song
that draws the listener into musings
of making a relationship work.

Lonely Girl
indie pop

Set in a gourmet coffee shop, an
acoustic-flavored pop song that
explores a moment of personal
connection between a coffee server
and a girl who is a regular customer.

Hangin On
indie pop

Hanging on to hope during feelings
of vulnerability after a close
friendship leads to love.

indie pop

This is what it might be like when
after many years, to suddenly hear
from a lost teenage love.
There is also a house remix (scroll down)

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