we were all the kids in the neighborhood
started not bad and we got real good
gettin it together almost every night
marathon jammin and we doin it right

bangin the roots rock steady with style
creatin songs used to make us all smile
donít know what happened but it's been too long
let's do it all again

youíre such a stranger
there is no danger
to come round here where you belong
we were all so tight back then
just remember and donít be a stranger

all the time weíd meet up right after school
mad band practice made me feel so cool
I wanna bring that back, make some noise
jam those songs out with my boys

Iíll be out there searchin for our old crew
and we're savin the best spot for you
weíll pick you up so just say when
get it together again


weíll chill right out
and write new songs
canít you feel the energy

all we ask is just come back one more time
when we play it you will feel our thoughts combine
itís good food for the soul and I recommend
letís do it my good friend



My Old Best Friend

so if you don't see me around
I'm probably ok
my old best friend is a comin to town
and I might be gone for days

we'll be drivin down main street
there's a party in the front seat
our old song is on repeat
hot rubber on concrete

you can leave a message
I'll get back, might be in a few days
my old best friend is a comin to town
and we're gonna get away

we'll be hangin at the beach
cool margaritas in reach
movin to a ska beat
never gonna retreat

--ad lib--

ahhh it's my best friend
ahhhh from way back when

--ad lib--

so if you don't see me around
I'm probably ok

ahhh it's my best friend
ahhhh from way back when

my old best friend is a comin to town
my old best friend is a comin to town



it's 7am do you know where I am
I'm alive and I'm thinkin of you
some other day maybe I'd get away
but right now there's just nothin to do

c'mon get up it's nice outside
I won't let up you got to try it
there's no reason to be inside
get out the door c'mon and ride with me

it's automatic
just say the word and I'm with you
I don't need to decide
count me in for the ride
it's automatic

hey wait a minute I'll get out my bed
let the sun in and clear my head
I gotta say ya just made my day
cause I'd probly(probably) be lazy instead

hurry get out I'm waitin for ya
we'll go cruisin, enjoy the morning
there's just so much for us to see
so move it, let's go, c'mon and ride with me


I been layin a little low
I guess you know it
and though I've nothin to show
you come and get me, shake me up
and there's no question of course I'll go
no question

--ad libs--


So Long

I been workin too hard I'm talkin straight thru
so why would anybody ever want to
now take a break is what I'm gonna do
and hit the beach to spend some time with you

I gotta good job it's a little bit boring
that pretty soon I'll be ignoring
it's like I'm workin for the weekend
5 days swimmin in the deep end

so long....
my troubles long gone....long gone
hello to the sunshine
goodbye to the pain
so long

I'm gettin tired of always thinkin "is it friday?"
every day is like the next it's like a replay
I need to get out where the sun is shinin
and plan my getaway find the right timin

I can pull a midnight shift, work overtime
we'll get a few days off we need to unwind
have every thing we need to break away
so you might catch me takin off for the day


I can see the endless blue sea
I can hear the waves crashin under me
I can smell the ocean breeze
don't wake me up

so now it's time to start the final countdown
in 10 minutes you won't find me around
cause once I slip out the other way
I'll be at the beach for the rest of the day

say the word and I'm right behind you
just let me know where I can find you
that's right cause now we're on our own time
with 3 days in the sunshine


it's time let's break away



Faith In Yourself

someone save me, hear me out
I know exactly what Iím talkin about, because
love can hurt, and thatís a fact
I thought it had gone but here it's back
all I need, is just a little faith in myself, Iíll be alright

never worry, when in doubt
thereís only one way to really find out
before you go puttin your heart on the shelf
you gotta have a little faith in yourself

you're askin me, and Iím tellin you
the way to win a heart
is to give away a part of yours
now I can see, that what you really need
is just a little faith
cause this love is knockin at your door now

I might worry and I might doubt
but the thing is that Iím gonna find out
if it's love thatís at my door
then Iíll just keep it open for evermore

I always, you always, we always fear what we canít see
my heart is, your heart is, our hearts are beating

I can see it, Iím looking past
there is some kind of love that will always last
before you go puttin your heart on the shelf
you gotta have a little faith in yourself
you got to have a little faith in yourself
a little faith is what youíre lookin for now

(ad libs, etc.)

Little Bit

a little lovin makes a person feel all hyped up
so reach out cause it's just what it's all cracked up to be

I will always be - so grateful
I need you in my life
if it were up to me - I'd make sure
we'd always be, that's why I ask just

gimme little bit
a little bit amazing, so crazy
gimme little bit
cause you're so amazing, and I'm crazy for ya

a little sharing makes a person feel good inside
so reach out reach out and don't let your heart hide

we can take the slow train
it will take us just as far
but I'm only human
and I love, I love just who you are


cause a little bit of lovin
makes anyone believe
they say that just a little
is all you really need
so you gotta reach out and see
reach out to me

ahh so gimme just a little
of your lovin baby
all I need is it
ahh ya - that's all I'm askin
heya heya



We Got It Goin

thatís right, Iím right when I told you
said Iíd give you my heart baby Iíll be takin yours too

and now Iím thinkin that
these two hearts beat so perfectly
is that enough to make you see that

we got it goin
goin on so strong
we got it goin
and itís gonna to be goin on for a long long time

thatís right in spite of what I say
you're so damn polite but hey, a shy guy's ok
(I donít want no fly guy)

you always play it carefully
and always take good care of


I wonít give up if it gets rough
I wonít drop out when times are tough
I will always be right here
what the future have no fear
only one thing that I wanna do
Iím gonna stay so close to you
and slide right through the test of time
because your heart is all, all mine

all mine now...
in my heart baby...



We got it got it goin on
We got it got it goin on now


Make Me Happy

this time I did it good
did all that I really could
and now we're fallin deep in love

never thought I would trust
but now I know I must
cause there's no goin back
back to where we came from now

don't tell me baby I already know
just give it all up
cause I know you know what it takes
to make me happy

I tell ya I must confide
that a love like this is so hard to find
I don't take for granted the ones that I love
when I'm happy


gather your pride
gather the strength inside
love is pleasure love is pain
and happiness


don't tell me....oh no
don't tell me baby....I heard it before
don't tell me
just make me happy

so show me, don't tell me
show me, make me happy


My Promise

so many times I feel you callinÖ.callin out my name
prayin for someone to talk toÖ.no playin games
I have seen the troubled feelings I have felt the pain
and now Iím gonna build you up

Iím standin by my promise to ya
Iím hangin by what I said to ya
Iím standin byÖ.my promise

if I could take your wounded heart and hold it carefully
then you might learn to trust someone so, just lean on me
"nothinís ever what it seems" is all a point of view
so listen when I say to you


jump on when your ready to run
jump on baby get ready
this train is headed for fun
big fun baby are you ready

--ad lib--

Iím standin by my promise
Iím hangin by my promise
Iím standin by my promise


Reggae Lullaby

find a spot on your big soft bed
a cozy pillow and lay your head
you made it through a long hard day
now it's time to drift away

fall asleep just close your eyes
to a reggae lullaby
let the moon shine down its beam
take you to a perfect dream

float away
drift away

fall asleep just close your eyes
to a reggae lullaby
let the moon shine down its beam
take you to a perfect dream

reggae lullaby

float away
drift away

--ad libs--

breathe in breathe out
breathe in breathe out
float away


reggae lullaby
reggae lullaby