Canadian pop-reggae band Kaya got their beginnings when singer/percussionist
Bobby J. Hobson invited some reggae musician friends to join him in an acoustic
Bob Marley tribute at a summer soca reggae festival. Bobby plays a myriad of exotic
percussion instruments from Africa, South America and the Caribbean, giving the band
an authentic sound. Over the next few years, the group evolved into a five-piece, full
on electric band with a repertoire of classic mashups and original songs. The blend of
Canadian and Caribbean roots makes for a smooth style that is easy to listen to. Soon
after they started playing together, Jim Stoeber, the guitarist and owner of record label
Tegancat Music, was inspired to start writing songs for the group. These well-crafted,
energy-infused songs express contemporary themes of ordinary life and reflect diverse
musical influences. Kaya has been compared to bands such as UB40 and Steel Pulse.

Little Bit, Kaya’s debut album, has a happy-go-lucky appeal and a carefree vibe. From
pop-influenced songs like “Faith In Yourself” and “We Got It Goin,” to fun summer tunes
like “Automatic” and the ska-style “My Old Best Friend,” strong beats mixed with masterful
harmonies and catchy lyrics celebrate the joy of everyday experience.