Singer-songwriter Kim Reimer taught herself to play guitar
at the age of 21 and has not looked back. While music has
always been a part of her life, Kim's decision to buy a used
guitar set her on the road that would eventually lead to the
release of her debut album, Let's Get Away, and now her
latest album, Not the First Girl.

Influenced by artists such as Fleetwood Mac, Jewel, the Dixie
Chicks, and Sheryl Crow, Kim's passion for strong lyrics and
melody is evident in her songwriting. When asked where the
ideas for her songs come from, Kim explains that finding a
balance between personal experience and things that others
can easily relate to is a crucial part of songwriting. She says,
"Usually, I write songs either about myself or something I've
been through, or sometimes they are about someone I know,
or a situation that someone I know has been through." On her
new album, the song "Half Way Tree" - a rootsy song about a
historic tree that marks the halfway point between Winnipeg
and Brandon - grew directly from her personal experience.
Kim's music can also rock; with songs like "Tennessee" and
"Wear the Pants," her sound is a fresh blend of upbeat modern
pop rock and country songs written from the heart of a once
small town girl.

Kim has played at events ranging from the Winnipeg Fringe
Festival and the Corydon Summer Concert Series to intimate
coffee house gigs. No matter where she's playing, Kim points
out that sharing her songs with different audiences is energizing
and fun, and that she grows as an artist with every performance.
Kim and the band are proud to include in their performances many
charity events such as Relay for Life, the Manitoba Dragon Boat
Festival and the Teddy Bear Picnic.

Travelling is a recurring theme for much of Kim's music. In the
song "Tennessee," she writes, "And now I understand, the journey
is the promised land."  With Kim's passion, versatility and drive as
a songwriter and performer, her own musical journey promises a
bright road ahead.