TRU 22 is a multi-talented alternative pop/rock/r&b band from Winnipeg, Canada
specializing in backing up vocalists in a variety of genres.

Originally formed by recording studio owner/producer/musician Jim Stoeber to
accompany vocalist Grace Murillo at her Wonderful CD release party in 2002,
the band decided keep the energy going with a CD and gigs. TRU 22 - Soul m8
was released in 2004, and received excellent reviews on CBC Radio's "Shaken
Not Stirred," and in Winnipeg's Uptown Magazine. (get the CD here)

In 2006 vocalist Grace Murillo released her second solo CD and again TRU 22
was there as her backup band for a string of gigs throughout the year.

In summer 2007 singer Courtney Parker released her debut CD and TRU 22
backed her up for a series of promotional gigs. Later in the year singer / songwriter
Kim Reimer released her debut CD and TRU 22 was there for a lineup of gigs that
continues into 2008.

Today TRU 22 is still doing their thing under various other project names.