Tegancat - listen is a compilation CD featuring songs by several
Tegancat Music artists. With soulful pop songs by Courtney Parker,
Janice Baris and Berna de Castro, Grace Murillo’s get-ya-groovin’
summer tunes, Kim Reimer’s energetic country-pop and an enchanting
ballad by Rodney Ronquillo, this 11-song album is sure to appeal
to a wide range of listeners.

01. nobody any good - Courtney Parker - listen
02. we're alive - Grace Murillo - listen
03. ordinary world - Janice Baris - listen
04. let's get away - Kim Reimer - listen
05. bring it on - Berna de Castro - listen
06. if you find your way - Janice Baris
07. california (retro house remix) - Grace Murillo
08. ready or not - Kim Reimer
09. never never land (remix) - Tegancat
10. she'll give in - Janice Baris
11. castaway - Rodney Ronquillo - listen

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