Daydreams and Nightmares, the debut album of Winnipeg
singer Vicki Shae, navigates effortlessly between the dark
realms of broken hearts and the lightness of newly discovered
love. From the rock infused “Wish I Could Hate Her” to the sultry
vocals of “Mr. Smooth Talker” to soulful pop songs like “This Love”
and “Full Up,” the album contains a seamless mix of clever lyrics,
catchy songs and expressive emotion.

Here are some audio snippets from the album.

We have released a cool remix of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.
It's now on itunes and most other online retailers.
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McNally Robinson at Grant Park
1120 Grant Avenue, Winnipeg, MB, R3M 2A6
Phone 204-475-0483, Toll Free (Canada) 1-800-561-1833, Fax 204-475-0325


here are the
¤¤ Free Bonus Tracks ¤¤
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This Love - retro house remix

While Vicki has no plans to be a disco queen, this is a fun remix.
Like all good house music designed to build tension and finally
(when you're ready to kill the dj) release it when the full beat
kicks in, this remix builds even through the chorus until it
finally explodes into its full Euro-house splendor....

Breakdown - live acoustic

This Track was recorded live in the basement with just voice,
acoustic guitar and some sparse synth-strings and percussion.
The full band album version really rocks out by comparison.

¤¤ Acoustic Mixes ¤¤

The album for the most part is full band electric
however Vicki also performs at acoustic gigs. For
anyone wishing to book an acoustic gig or who just
likes acoustic versions, we made these tracks for you.
Vicki's acoustic sets feature original and cover songs.
        Vicki Shae - vocals
        Jim Stoeber - acoustic guitar / vocals
        Wes Pastuzenko - bass / vocals
        Bobby Hobson - percussion / vocals