Tegancat - whatever is a collection of songs that
I had written at various times but somehow never did
get used in any of the projects we have done over the
years. I didnít want to see these songs lost forever so
a couple of years ago decided to finish recording them
in my spare time. I was fortunate to have Janice Baris,
a great singer and long time session vocalist at Tegancat
Studio join me in recording the vocal tracks. A big thanks
to Kim Reimer for additional backup vocals, to our publicist
Nicole Petroski for the last few lines that I needed to finish
a song when I was stuck for words, and to Marc Benoit for
the cool album art. I did a very short run of CDs since we
do not plan to sell the album but rather just give it away as
a free download. If you really want an official CD, that can
be arranged, just drop me an email.....Jim Stoeber

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Track Listing - right click to download
1. 7 days 365
2. 1 is my number
3. rain on me
4. bring me the sunshine
5. as long as iím wailin *
6. feed my kitty
7. superhuman
8. bring me back alive

* I wrote this ode to Bob Marley in the
1980s shortly after he passed away.