what's new

updated October 30, 2018
by Jim Stoeber

Kim Reimer, a long time cowriter and bandmate has recently moved back
to Winnipeg from Vancouver. Kim and I have released three albums over
the years and are working on new material. Now that she is back we have
her band back together and have started gigging again. More news coming.

Stay tuned for some EDM pop. A new project with a secret(for now) partner.

We released another new single for 2018 by my friend and band mate Bobby J
"Good Thing Going". Smooth reggae getting airplay in the Caribbean and UK.

My first single for 2018, "Give It Up" (co-written by Vicki Shae) is now released. - info
(more singles on the way). I've been writing and recording lots of songs in an ongoing
solo project and have been releasing them one at a time.

Still playing gigs with the Winnipeg reggae band Inna Riddim and it's great
fun indeed. There's live video of us on youtube (info on website).

Do you have any questions?