what's new

updated February 25, 2017
by Jim Stoeber

Kaya is recording a new single "Festival" which will be released soon
It is dedicated to the the Soca Reggae Festival in Winnipeg this summer.

My latest singles, Sick Day" and"Survive" were just released. - info
(more singles on the way). I've been writing and recording lots of songs
for a bit of a solo project. I'll release them one at a time in the coming months.
A big thanks to Global TV for featuring 2 songs on the Morning News Show.

Kim Reimer has recorded another album that we have recently released.
We spent a few years off and on working on this project and it is now available.

debut album -    Another cool reggae band on the Canadian scene, Kaya.
A big thanks to DJ Chris from Vibes FM in the UK for the spins
and a big thanks to Dez at UMFM for the spins and interviews.

Dig the blues? Ron Torpey, John Park and I are still doin a retro blues-rock
power trio Bad Water Blues Kings and we've been funkin up the clubs and
gigging around town. 4 song EP out now, info on web site.

Still playing gigs with the Winnipeg reggae band Inna Riddim and it's great
fun indeed. There's live video of us on youtube (info on website).

Do you have any questions?